How to add oil to an air conditioning compressor

Oil is the lifeblood of your AC compressor. It helps to remove heat and keep things running smoothly by performing essential tasks like sealing leaks, but if you don’t have enough in stock, it will soon show signs such as misfiring or an excess oil pressure warning light coming on- which could lead to significant problems! and that’s why you need to know How to add oil to air conditioning compressor?

Air conditioning is a process that provides cooling and ventilation to people or other living things by removing heat from one area and adding it to another, as opposed to the cooling provided by mere temperature exchange.

How can you use an air conditioning compressor?

You have to learn to add more fuel to air conditioning units to stay cold in all weathers. Most evaporation refrigeration operates with simple principles: Temperature dropped when air expanded in space. Similar to the direction of making engine diesel work, this idea might also become apparent when you pump a bike on its tires.

Check that the water pressure is partly heated by compressor air.

If you want to know how to add oil to the air conditioning compressor, you can follow these steps.

Remove the high valves as well as low-pressure lines.

Hook the recuperation to the high and low valves of the air conditioning unit. The high side is the small diameter line, and the downside is the extensive diameter line. Turn on the machine and open the cargo tank.

Open the red valve (upper part and blue valve (lower leg) on the front of the recuperation. Press the button that says “recover.” Let it run in this mode until both indicators reach “0”. Close the high and low side valves and ensure the gauges say “0”.


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How to remove the Drive belt?

Remove the high and low lines from the air conditioning unit at the engine. You have to remove the electrical connector from the air conditioning compressor. Then you can remove the drive belt. Secondly, you can remove the multiple air conditioning lines connected to the air compressor. Besides, you can also remove the air conditioning compressor.

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Drain old oil

Drain all the oil from the A / C compressor by holding the open end down while manually turning the clutch in the average direction of rotation. Retrieve the correct amount of oil from the information on the air conditioning label or in a maintenance manual. We can do the following steps must be done aseptically. In other words, the compressor does not receive any external sediment, or it will damage the system’s operation.

Pull the compressor out.

Pour oil slowly into the inlet or on the lower side of the compressor. This compressor is where the extensive line comes in. While working in the refrigerator oil, turn the hub and hold it slightly to enter the compressor.

If the compressor has 6 ounces (0.17 liters) of oil according to the instructions, use the 6 ounces (0.17 liters), but make sure it is nothing more than the refrigerant oil, or nothing will work.

Once you have completed it, place the compressor face down in the center for 10 minutes to let the oil seep lubricate the front gaskets to prevent ignition leaks.

How to add oil to an air conditioning compressor

Reinstall the compressor 

Install the compressor. Then you can turn the hub by hand ten times and install the drive belt. Ensure the manifold connects the lines to the back of the compressor and that the gaskets are completely clean. Place the collector and tighten the screw. 

Install the compressor electrical connector and reconnect the reclaimer’s high and low hoses. Open the two valves on the reclaimed and press the “vacuum” button. The retriever asks how long, but “30 minutes” hits the “start” button. 

Close both valves after the vacuum pump shuts off and watches the gauges for a leak. The meters should show approximately 30 inches (0.49 liters) of mercury. If the gauges are reading less, there is a leak. Open the high and low valves and press the “charge” button. Look at the label on the air conditioner – all appliances have a label indicating the unit’s freon capacity – and a quantity stamp on the recuperator window. Now hit “load” and let the load of the lines. When the panel says, the charge is complete, close the valves to shut off the recuperator and remove the lines from the A / C unit, then install the valve caps. 

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Make sure you have the right kind of oil in the fridge. It will say what type of oil should be used on the label. 

Adding oil to your air conditioning compressor is a significant step in maintaining your system. Without the proper amount of fat, your compressor will not work correctly and become damaged. 

Here are eight steps to add oil to your air compressor:

  1. Locate the oil fill port on your compressor. This compressor is typically a small hole on the side or top of the unit.
  2. Insert the end of an oil funnel into the oil fill port.
  3. Pour the recommended amount of oil into the funnel. Consult your air conditioning manual for the specific amount of fat your compressor needs.
  4. Make sure your air conditioning unit is turned off before starting.
  5. Close the oil fill port once you’re finished adding oil.
  6. Start up your air conditioning unit and check for leaks.
  7. Repeat this process every year or so to keep your compressor running smoothly.
  8. Close up the port when finished adding fluid.

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How to add oil to an air compressor in your car

Adding oil to the car’s air conditioning system replaces the loss of refrigerant through leaks and will help maintain the a / c compressor. Temperature changes can cause leaks as the seal can warp when expanding and contracting depending on the weather. It is illegal to freeze the refrigerator. So it is essential to use the proper tools when doing this particular type of maintenance on your vehicle.


Connect the air conditioning gauge to the high and low-pressure portion of the A / C system. You need to make sure the valves on the meter are set to close when you insert it into the a / c system. The high-pressure side is the small diameter, and the low-pressure side is the large diameter at the back of the compressor.

Open the red and blue valves on the recuperator and ensure the gauges read “0.” Close the valves.

Install the can be tapped into the center hose of the gauge set; this is the yellow hose. This hose is where the refrigerant oil is added. Install the lubricant on the faucet and turn the thumbscrew then out to open the can.

Start the engine and adjust all a / c controls inside the vehicle to the maximum. Open the set gauge valve to suck the oil into the system through a vacuum.

Turn off the engine and allow the pressure to lower before removing the gauge. This machine helps prevent damage to the service port and total loss of refrigerant.

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Tips and Warnings

Use the same type of refrigerant oil. You can find the required oil in the service manual under the yellow label hood.

Do not add more than half the original specified amount because overfilling the system can cause severe damage. You can find the specified quantity on the yellow label under the hood or in the service manual.

How to add oil to an air conditioning compressor – another way

To use an AC compressor oil injector, you need to refill the compressor.

Another way to add oil to a compressor is to use an oil injection.

Just fill it to the required level and attach the injection valve to the lower compressor lower pressure valve.

All that is left is to push the oil slowly.

You must remember that you may need to refill it and pour the contents several times to get the oil to the required level.

Remember that A / C may need to be activated and the AC compressor turned on before pushing the contents.

The best way to add oil right away is by checking if your AC system cools down perfectly while starting and parking on level ground. The owner’s manual should help locate a compressor if you can’t find yours, but always make sure there are no leaks before adding extra fluid!

Final words

If you’re not sure how to add oil to your air conditioning compressor, or if you don’t have the time or tools to do it yourself, you can always call a professional technician to help you.

Watch this video to know more about adding oil to an AC compressor

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