How To Turn On Air Compressor

An air compressor is used for various tasks, from powering pneumatic tools to inflating tires. Everyone knows it, right? However, turning it on can be intimidating if you are a beginner at using this machine. Fortunately, it’s a simple method that can be done in a few steps. 

In this guide, I will explain how to turn on an air compressor safely and conveniently so you can work confidently. Therefore, this article will offer everything you have to get your air compressor up and running. Let’s go straight to the process in the section below–

Best Way To Turn On An Air Compressor

Turning on an air compressor is a simple process, and following the proper steps is essential to ensure your safety and the longevity of your equipment. Here are some steps I have mentioned to follow for the best way to turn on an air compressor–

1. Attach The Necessary Equipment To The Compressor

attach the necessary  equipment to the compressor

Before turning on your air compressor, ensure all the necessary equipment is properly attached. And it includes the air hose, air filter, and other necessary accessories. And you need to connect the tools one by one securely to prevent any unwanted accidents.

2. Find The Power Switch 

find the power switch

The power switch on an air compressor is usually located on the side or top of the unit. And you need to know where the switch is placed before you use your air compressor.

3. Click The Power Switch To Turn The Air Compressor On

click the power switch to turn the air compressor on

Once you’ve attached all the necessary equipment and located the power switch, you can turn on your air compressor by simply clicking the power switch. When you turn on the machine, you will hear the engine start running and feel air flowing through the hose.

Safety Tips Before Turning On An Air Compressor

Before turning on an air compressor, following some safety tips to prevent accidents and damage is necessary. Here are some things you need to consider before turning on an air compressor:

  • Check the power supply and the air compressor: Before turning on the air compressor, you need to ensure that the power supply is sufficient to operate the machine. Also, check the air compressor’s power switch to the off position.
  • Inspect the air compressor for any damages: When turning it on, inspect it for any damages or signs of wear and tear, such as broken hoses or leaks. Or if you find any issues, repair them before using the compressor.
  • Check if the air compressor has enough oil and gasoline: You need to check the oil level and ensure it is sufficient. When the level of oil is low, add more oil to the compressor. Also, check the gasoline level and refill it if necessary.
  • Ensure the air compressor is placed on a stable surface: A stable surface is essential to prevent the compressor from tipping over while in use. Ensure the compressor is placed on a level surface and secured to the ground or the floor.

Final Words

Turning on an air compressor is easy if you follow a few key steps. It’s essential to make sure that the device is appropriately plugged in and that all safety measures are near before switching it on. And ensure it’s placed in the right way and check the oil levels. 

Therefore, by following these processes and taking the required precautions, you can efficiently learn how to turn on your air compressor. And if you encounter any issues with your compressor, follow the owner’s guidelines and seek professional help.


What tells the air compressor to turn on?

The air compressor’s pressure switch holds significant value as it directs when to commence or stop the compressor’s operation. However, based on my observations, it tends to malfunction frequently. The pressure switch on smaller or older compressors is a purely mechanical component.

How do I know if my air compressor is on?

To know if your air compressor is on, you can listen to the sound of the motor running or look for visual indicators such as lights or gauges. Many compressors have an on/off switch in the “on” position when the unit is running. Additionally, you can check the air pressure in the tank; if it is increasing, the compressor is likely running. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the specific features of your compressor and refer to the owner’s manual for further guidance.

Why does my air compressor not turn on?

You can inspect the equipment for indications of a blown fuse, a tripped circuit breaker, a malfunctioning thermostat, or air filters that have accumulated dirt. And AC compressors often stop functioning due to clogged or dirty filters.

How often should an air compressor turn on?

The frequency at which an air compressor should turn on depends on the demand for compressed air. Generally, if the air compressor is used frequently or continuously, it may turn on and off more frequently than if used intermittently. Additionally, the compressor size, tank capacity, and the tools or equipment used will influence how often it turns on.