We like the Bostitch BTFP02012-WPK Air Compressor Kit as it comes with everything you need to get up and run in a compact package. Its pancake design makes it stable and extremely easy to use. Additionally, it features a high-flow regulator and dual couplers, making it capable of harnessing every bit of its available 150 PSI. Despite its formidable power, it is quite quiet, so you can use it indoors without hearing protection.

BOSTITCH 6 gallon air compressor review 2022

The BOSTITCH 6-gallon Air compressor is packed in a 250 PSU tank and 8L of gas. It offers lightweight, oil-free maintenance and durability. The air pump has an adjustable coupler and regulator, ensuring the greatest air output. Bostitch air compressor provides air purification with clean efficiency to every environment, from rain to sunshine. The device offers an impressive 7.5 DAC generating minimal output. And there’s also the potential for the compressor to be eco-friendly. It’s a small filter that filters out dust and other particles.So, it is also more comfortable in the winter months. Amazon.com offers the compressor.

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Specifications and Features:

  • It is a 2.0 SCFM supplied 90 PSI pump, 2.5-gallon tank, and 150 PSI max for quick recovery.
  • The durable oil-free pump provides long, maintenance-free operation.
  • Noise: 82 DBA
  • The Roller cage and panel controls protect key components.
  • of the high-efficiency Bostitch compressor
  • low amp motor for easy cold-weather starting or 12GA extension cord application 50 feet or less
  • It runs off a 15 amp circuit.
  • Lightweight and compact design that facilitates transport and storage
  • Ball valve drain allows quick and complete tank drainage.
  • Two quick couplers for a two-man operation
  • Bostitch high flow regulator and couplers that can maximize nailer performance
  • Weight 32 lbs
  • Product (L x W x D) 16 ¾ “X 19” X 12 ½ “
  • Maximum pressure 150 PSI

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  • Oil-free pump
  • Separate reading gauges.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • user simultaneous operation support
  • 6 Gallon storage capacity.
  • Only 1-year Warranty.
  • 2 PSI from actual display reading.
  • Five feet Power cord length.

Why should one purchase a Bostitch Air Compressor?

The Bostitch 6 Gallon Air Compressor is the best choice for anyone looking to buy a portable compressor. The quality and performance of this product have been proven by many clients. They make it an excellent pick in terms of both values and customer satisfaction rates. Moreover, this powerful piece weighs only 50 pounds. So, you’ll have no problem taking it with yourself wherever life may take you! The Bostitch BTFP3KIT is a high-performance air tool. So, it allows easy and simultaneous access to universal couplers. This lightweight, low DBA rating (78) makes it ideal in both carrying capacity as well as a quiet environment working on your project site or home renovation job!

First Impressions With Bostitch BTFP02012 6 Gal. Pancake Air Compressor

When I first saw this air compressor, it caught my eye because of its traditional pancake shape. The bright yellow color also looked amazing against the matte black exterior! The BTFP02012 is small enough to fit in any size garage or workshop space without taking up too much room. So you can easily store it alongside other equipment like drills and power tools if needed – perfect for making your repairs onsite during an emergency. At the time they are still keeping things organized inside due time.


The Bostitch Co. has thrown in enough supplies to get you started with your new tool! All of the accessories are included, so there’s no need for another purchase except maybe some nails or other fasteners if needed. If you’re in the market for an air compressor, be sure to check out Bostitch’s new 6 Gallon pancake model. This handy little tool has all of your basic needs covered. It can fit neatly into any space limitations that might come up! The key feature? It’s shaped like a disk. So it’ll just sit there waiting until needed–no clunky towers or annoying cords necessary.


The Bostitch air compressor was designed with a top-down view in mind. The dials are usually placed on an easily visible part of the unit. Still, some companies install them at strange angles or hidden behind panels. They want to make it difficult for professionals working onsite to see what is going down without getting up close and personal!

Who can benefit from this Bostitch air compressor?

The BTFP02012 air compressor is a great choice for residential purposes because it only emits 75 decibels of noise. That means that the unit can be used in sleeping areas without disturbing anyone else around you, making this product perfect if your home has multiple people living there who want quiet surroundings when they sleep or work late hours at night time! The sound level output from these compressors should not exceed 70dBs, so even though its performance may not meet high expectations compared to Stanley Tool Company models – which typically sell between $500-$1500 depending upon model size–this affordable appliance still. The Bostitch BTFP02012 model air compressor is the perfect choice for people who need a powerful tool to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. With this high-quality equipment, you won’t have any problems completing all of your home renovations or pneumatic power tool uses with ease!

How does a Bostitch air compressor work?

Tips for Buying and Using Bostitch BTFPO2012 air compressor Air Compressor

When buying a Bostitch BTFPO2012 air compressor, the most important thing is to be realistic about what you will be using it for. Don’t just buy the most powerful model on the market by default, as this could work against you if you often need to do more detailed work.

How to maitain

These machines require relatively low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore yours. If oil is lubricated, check levels before each use and keep all vents clean. Regularly check bolts, nuts, hoses, and other couplings to make sure they are tight and drain any moisture built up. If you do not plan to use the unit for some time, be sure to drain the tank and discharge all the air inside. The symptom can prevent condensation from building up, leading to rust and corrosion, and rusted tanks are more likely to burn. Also, pay attention to vibration and stability. Many compressors rattle quite a bit during use, which can cause them to fall off the shelves or tip over. Try to make sure it is stable before starting, and be very careful when moving it.

Raw performance

The Bostitch BTFP02012 series air compressor is not as powerful and efficient compared to other products within the same price range. I was expecting it would outperform them, but before buying this product had no idea about its H.P. (*Horsepower) output; afterward, looking around online, all that could be found were vague estimates ranging from 0 – 2hp, which did little good since we needed more information on how much pressure different models produced, so there’s nothing left except calling up customer service who informed me sadly enough “this one only has .8”.

An air compressor is not an air pump!

This article is a Bostitch air compressor review, but let’s be clear about what this product does. Air compressors are not just for pumping up tires! True enough – most users associate these devices with pumps; however it can do so much more than that. These tools (power pneumatic power tools) such as drills and lawnmowers among many other things you may find necessary in your home or office- even vehicles like cars require them sometimes because of their high-pressure requirements (which we will get into later). And don’t forget those rotating components near the motor which convert kinetic energy from moving parts inside an engine into electricity usable by our appliances at home? The Bostitch 6 Gallon Air Compressor is a great choice for any onsite job. With this powerful machine, you can use an impact hammer or nail driver to easily get construction-related items like air cylinders and fasteners at hand without needing extra equipment!

Pump performance

The Bostitch BTFP02012 air compressor has been tested to last an impressive 450 pumping sessions. That means you can expect the pump to help around 3-5 years before needing replacement, and I am satisfied with that as long as other accessories/parts installed on any of these machines don’t wear down quickly too! When air compressors have an issue, they are usually covered by the manufacturer. However, with failed meters and other problems that can arise from time to time, you may find yourself having no choice but sell your compressor at a discounted price or, even worse: leave it for dead! What makes this situation more frustrating is knowing how common these failures are–even though conventional machines come up short when their warranty period has expired after one year of use (due primarily in part due to its failure). With a high flow regulator and couplers, the Bostitch BTFP02012 pancake compressor can keep pumping air until its last pint of the reserve.


After discussing the features, tank, pump, and sound level from above in your discussion on air machines, you’ve already known about. So now let’s talk about the performance of this Bostitch Compressor machine first-hand by going over its portability and dimensions so that we can give accurate info when answering any questions it might raise for potential buyers before they buy one themselves! The Bostitch BTFP02012 air machine ensures high pressure, and due to its oil-less features, it can work fast. Most importantly, though? You won’t need a new tank after every 3 – 6 minutes of use! With 150 PSI within two minutes, this thing keeps on delivering all day long without fail or worry about running low before then too.

Size Vs. Dynamics

The Bostitch BTFP02012 pancake air compressor is a big surprise in the market because of its large size. The company introduced this product with a remarkable storage capacity and weighed 29 Lbs when empty, but it will become heavier after filling up to 6 gallons! I was surprised by noticing that at 14 inches wide, it’s more similar or equal than other models on gas-powered tools which have 16″-18″ openings for uncompressed breathing room.”


One of the most important parts of an air compressor is the tank. Tanks come with different capacities, and you need to know which size works best for your applications before purchase! For example, Bostitch 6 Gallon has been specifically made so that even medium-duty jobs can do efficiently; if running low on time or needs more than what 2 gallons provides, this product might suit those needs perfectly well. The BOSTITCH 6 gallon air compressor has a super-fast recovery system that can use for 20 to 25 seconds after launching the machine. Many users love this feature, as it gives them more time to finish their job without being interrupted by an overheated motor or other problems like slow compressions.”

Decibels of Sound

The sound level of an air compressor is usually very high and annoying. But not the one from BTFP02012! This machine produces 78.4 dB, which will make you feel at ease with its great range for people who want to use it around their home or office without having any problem with noise pollution since this product does come in two different volume settings: a lower setting (66dB) perfect for small spaces such cafes/bars where quietness might be desired; on top of that there’s also another higher.

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Pump and motor

The Bostitch 6 Gallon 135 PSI Air Compressor is not just an amazing tool to have around your house, but it can also use for everyday tasks like fixing small leaks in pipes or doing jobs that require high airflow. This machine comes with one 0 H.P. motor capable of running at 2700 RPM and 15 AMP outlet capacity, which allows you more control over how much airflow enters into each project being worked onsite without having too many excess outlets wondering what happened when there weren’t enough wind zones available within a range.


When buying an air compressor, one important feature to look for is the size and capacity. You want something small enough so it’s easy-to-use but also powerful enough that it can handle your toughest jobs without running out of breath or being too cumbersome onsite with its weight. A good rule of thumb would be 6 gallons per minute (GPM) if you plan to do basic home repairs like building decks; 8+ GPM

Motor power

The electric motor power will determine how well your air compressor works. It can be rated at 1 to 2 Horse Powers, in Ampere forms like four amps- 6amps more than what you need for most tasks around the home or business! Don’t forget to check your machine’s motor power! It is important when you buy anything to choose the best product for what you need. A deep and close look will ensure this promptly.

Airflow ranking

The airflow ranking of an air compressor is one factor that influences how good it will be for you. For example, suppose the CFM rating tells us more than just what relief valves are installed on each end and includes oil coolers or large capacity tanks with extended use periods between fill-ups. In that case, this could indicate we have come across a high-quality machine! You should always ensure that the ratings on any product are within 3.5 CFM to 2-2 1/4 cups per minute for maximum satisfaction and longevity of your appliances! Remember, not all machines will work well with every type or brand, so do some research before buying one just because it seems like what you want at first glance.”

Form and size factors

There are different sizes of air machines. The small size is suitable for home usage, but if you want an industrial-grade machine with large volumes or require something else, then this big-sized model would be better suited to meet your needs. What’s important when choosing between these two extremes? It all comes down to how much space you have available and what kind of energy efficiency levels suit the task at hand!

Portable air compressors

Portable air compressors are usually small and lightweight and can be stored in a vehicle or placed on a shelf. They aren’t as powerful as the stationary models, but that’s beside the point – they’re designed for smaller jobs or to rescue you in an emergency until you can get back to the shop.

Conclusion: Should I buy a Bostitch 6 gallon Air Compressor?

The Bostitch 6 gallon air compressor is a low-priced option with enough capacity for most commercial and private sector pneumatic construction tasks. It also meets the quality standards of other products used by the U.S. Department Of Defense, which makes it completely compatible to meet any demands given out through government-sanctioned contracts!

The bottom line

With an alarming number of issues and a spectacular feature set, the Bostitch BTFP02012 6 Gallon 150 PSI Oil-Free Compressor would not make it to our top spot for this year’s best portable air compressor. While we can understand how some customers might be overwhelmed by its many flaws given they are willing to pay $115 on such spacious capacity with reasonable power output – all tempted though ourselves!


Although air compressors are not the most sophisticated equipment, there is still jargon and technical vocabulary associated with buying one, so it is easy to get confused if you have never done it before. Here are some common questions that many buyers have to make the most informed purchasing decision possible.

What is the difference between a stop-start motor and constant operation?

A stop-start motor shuts down when not in use, reducing wear and tear on the machine and slowing down work a bit. The constantly running units never shut down. Unless you have a professional workshop, a start-stop motor should perfectly suit your needs.

Do I need to ‘break’ my compressor before using it?

No. Modern compressors are designed to be used directly outside the box, provided that all communications are secure and there are no leaks or faults, feel free to use them as needed.

Does Bostitch make a good air compressor?

I have used this compressor with an insertion nailer and a stapler, and it has worked well so far. I shot more than 1,000 nails, and everything went well. A lot of pressure to drive the tools I have tried.It is a 6-liter air compressor. The 6-liter capacity is a good size for most tasks. It is portable and has a quick recovery time. It can reach maximum air pressure of 150 PSI which would be enough to power more wind turbines in many situations!

Where are Bostitch air compressors made?

BOSTITCH manufacturing industry has relocated to its current location in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Do Bostitch compressors need oil?

BOSTITCH lubricant and oil are designed for all air tools that require oil. Our seasonal and winter moisturizers allow you to get the job done in the winter months, even in the worst of weather.

Are Bostitch nails right?

They are as good as the original pins and an upgrade from basic models installed in multiple kits and compressor combo packs purchased by many DIYers. Thanks to Bostitch for providing an unconditional review sample.

Who makes Bostitch nail guns?

Stanley Bostitch Stanley Bostitch, formerly known as simply Bostitch, is an American company specializing in designing and producing binding tools — such as staplers, staple guns, nailers, riveters, and glue guns — and tools — such as nails, screws. And the basics.

How does the Bostitch smart point work?

The touch is attached to a smooth nose with very little space. This contact arm is spring-loaded (towards the tool) to eliminate the need for the nose to be pressed to activate the shooting method.

How do I reduce the pressure on my Bostitch nailer?

Launched for the open market in the 1960s, the pneumatic nailer effectively reduces its time to hold things together. There are many options for nailers, both large and small. The power source for pneumatic nailers is an air compressor. They are limited by the length of the hose that connects to them. It doesn’t require electricity to work, just like the pneumatic power of a weapon. Instructions:
  • Fit the Bostitch nailer to the air compressor line.
  • Check the gauge on the air compressor for the pounds per square inch, or psi, rating.
  • Compare the psi rating on the air compressor to the rating on the Bostitch nailer. The manual will show minimum and maximum psi ratings. The minimum rating can be set to 60 psi, with a maximum of 120 psi. Which is the range for the gun pressure.
  • Reduce the pressure of the Bostitch nail gun with an air compressor. At the time of publication, there is no adjustment to the air pressure of the gun itself. Some Bostitch nailers come with a button depth setter that adjusts the depth of the nail when the gun is fired.
  • Purchase an adaptive depth control kit, which will allow you to make an external adjustment for the air pressure setting on the Bostitch nail gun.
  • Install the depth control kit according to the manufacturer’s instructions for the nail gun you have. Once installed, adjust by turning the dial on the depth control kit. Practice nail shots after each adjustment until the nail stays flush with the board if that is the desired adjustment.

Tips and Warnings

Remove the nail cartridge when not in use to avoid accidentally triggering the trigger.Be careful when working with power tools. Secure the hoses away from your feet to avoid tripping.
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