With almost 28413 reviews on Amazon, five-star reviews for 74% of them, this portable air pump from EPAuto is twice the price of its older sibling but packs in some useful features. You will get your desirable compressor if you go through EPAuto 12v DC portable air compressor pump review. Its most useful feature is the ability to preset the air pressure you need for the pump to isolate your tires via the + and – buttons on the digital display. The pump will automatically stop when the desired pressure is reached (although we recommend rechecking with a reliable air pressure gauge).

As for the rest of the pump, it has many of the same features as its sister. It plugs directly into a 12v outlet, is small and lightweight, and comes with the adapters you see in the picture above. There’s even a built-in flashlight if you need to do emergency inflation at night. 

This tool’s 180-watt motor and 100 PSI inflation rate make it extremely useful for quickly filling oversized tires (except truck tires). It will also shut off automatically if it reaches 167 degrees Fahrenheit, avoiding the risk of overheating.Thanks to its LED lights, this Epauto tire inflator is easy to use even at night. Additionally, your digital meter shows different units, such as KPS, PSI, BAR, and kg/cm.

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EPAuto 12v DC portable air compressor pump review for a car in 2022


Manufacturer EP Family Corp: Epauto brand

Item Weight: 2.38 pounds (1.07 kg)

Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 8.1 x 5.6 inches (34.3 x 20.6 x 14.2 cm)

Item model number: AT-010-1Z

Amperage: 15 Amps

Voltage: 12 Volts


Capacity: 3.5 Liters

Voltage: 12 Volts 

Rating Power: 120W

Display Units: KPA, PSI, BAR, KG/CM 

Special Features 

With the 12V-DC cigarette lighter plug, you can connect this best 12-volt air compressor effortlessly to your car’s cigarette lighter socket.The bright flashlight allows you to work even in low light conditions.There are four display units: KPA, KG/CM, PSI, and BAR, easily read power measurements.You can inflate basketballs, pool accessories, kayaks, and more with the additional adapters.

EPAuto 12v DC portable air compressor

Advantages of EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump

The disadvantage of EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump

Multiple Uses Will Melt Your Heart: With this tremendous 12v air compressor, you can inflate tires for sedans, bikes, and midsize SUVs.

The auto power-off function is excellent: the auto power-off function prevents over-inflation and automatically turns off the machine.

There are ample color options to blow your mind: There are several color options for this model from EPAuto, such as red, blue, yellow, and green.

The Bright Flashlight – Unlike most compressors, the bright flashlight, this best 12v air compressor features a powerful flashlight to help you in the dark.

Limited Service Area: These best 12v air compressors cannot inflate truck and heavy vehicle tires.Quality Issues: The quality of this 12v air compressor may greatly disappoint you.

EPAuto 12v DC portable air compressor pump review for a car in 2022

 Experienced home mechanics need a large, foot-mounted air compressor to inflate tires and operate some pneumatic tools. But what if you’re at-home car maintenance skills start and end at changing tires? All you need is a portable air compressor to fill car tires that is a small fraction of the size and requires a running car’s 12-volt outlet. 

Yes, these air compressors take much longer than a professional grade compressor to inflate, especially when the tire is completely flat or it’s a large truck tire, which some inflators in this category can’t handle. 

But especially during the pandemic, when we would typically use the air pump at our local gas station, checking tire pressure and filling up on our driveway has become more appealing. 

It is a serious option. Instead of an outlet, this 150 psi pump requires you to connect it directly to your car’s battery. In return, it delivers 72 liters per minute – double or more than the cheapest compressors on this list – through a 24-foot hose and can run continuously for 40 minutes—a very durable and popular choice among off-roaders. 

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EPAuto 12V DC portable car air compressor for tires/tire inflator 

The EP Auto air compressor, is the one you turn on when you need to infuse balls, pools, or coins onto a pin. The 12v adapter is helpful because it allows you to plug it directly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and 12v outlet. And while it’s capable of infusing tires for many cars up to a midsize SUV, trying to pump a truck tire into the small engine inside will probably work. The packaging includes a Presta valve for motorcycles, a needle to inflate air, and a conical plastic nozzle. It is compact at 6″x5″x2.15″ for easy storage. 

The portable air compressor is a high-performance compressor that can inflate large tires quickly, bounce four significant turns in a few minutes, and promptly inflate your friend’s tires without stopping. This compressor is not the same. From the 12V pumps you see at the gas station. These are all metal bombs that have been around for years.

The pressure gauge has a simple ventilator button to facilitate the release of the rubber; Apply cast in alloy with cooling towers to remove heat quickly. 

The built-in air filter ensures that only fresh air provides extended life to the device. Moving rubber feet and an aluminum base keep the compressor stable and separate from sand and dirt.

Cumbersome power cord with quality insulated battery terminals, and 45 amp reset button for added safety. Air hose and pressure gauge are equipped with solid bronze, pressure connection on compressor and screw connection on pneumatic valve. 

Programmable Digital Compressor. 

Automatic shut-off when the preset pressure is reached, so you don’t risk over-inflating the car tire. It has four units of pressure measurement: PSI, KPA, BAR, and Kg / cm². It also includes LED lights and additional nozzles so that you can use them on other items. 

After-sales service and return and exchange policy:  

A 60-day money-back guarantee and a 24-month warranty are included. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you experience any problems with our products. To find your desirable 12-volt air compressor is a Herculean task, as you will need to consider many factors in choosing the best option. In the case of COVID -19, people are more likely to indulge in DIY techniques without hiring from external sources.

Also, you can fill gas cylinders colored garage doors and walls. Farmers use 12-volt air compressors to operate milking machines and pneumatic pumps. The famous electronic stores display a wide range of air compressor collections. Just go through our top 10 reviews for the best 12-volt air compressor and pick the right one.

How does a 12v DC portable air compressor work?

Check the power switch and ensure that the engine is running.

You must first remove the dust cap from the tire valve, attach the air chuck to the tire valve stem, and then screw it onto the tire valve stem.

Using a cigarette lighter socket, connect the power cord.

Press the button (M) to select a display unit. (PSI, KPA, BAR, KG / CM). Press the (-) or (+) button to set the pressure you want, then wait until it stops giving.

Turn on the power switch. 

The compressor will automatically stop air pressure when the desired pressure is reached.

When the desired pressure is reached, START the power.

With the 12V-DC cigarette lighter socket, you can connect this best 12-volt air compressor effortlessly to your car’s cigarette lighter socket.

The bright flashlight allows you to work even in low light conditions.

There are four display units: KPA, KG / CM, PSI, and BAR that easily read power measurements.

You can inflate basketballs, pool accessories, kayaks, and more with the additional adapters. 

Guide to Choosing the Ideal 12 Volt Air Compressor 

The auto 12v dc portable pump appears to be the best 12-volt air compressor of all listed above. The auto 12v dc portable air compressor pump Best 12 Volt Air Compressor comes with many benefits and two ignorable downsides. Before spending your money on any appliance, make sure you know all the available features, the warranty period, and the possible consequences. This compressor will help you choose the number one air compressor based on your needs. 

When you know the basics of 12-volt air compressors, you will choose the right one. Various types cover different service areas with unique characteristics. So, get acquainted with the particular types of air compressors and invest the money in the right place. 

12v air compressor for home use:  

Using a residential portable air compressor, you can inflate mattresses, soccer balls, tires, and pillows. You can also fill gas cylinders and paint garage and bedroom doors if necessary. Buy a 12v residential air compressor if you need light-duty, as these 12v portable air compressors are specially designed for home use. 

12 Volt Commercial Air Compressor: 

They are considerably larger than portable air compressors. These air compressors appear to be heavier and can handle multiple operations together. 

Heavy Duty Industrial Air Compressors –  

Heavy-duty industries use heavy-duty air compressors. These heavy-duty compressors include high CFM and PSI.

Maintaining a high-quality compressed air notebook is a necessity if you purchase one. Without proper maintenance, the interior parts of the equipment can suddenly start to malfunction.

 How to clean the tank with a soft cloth  

As the compressor tank receives air, moisture is created —everything you need to release the air and clean the water stored on the tank wall. However, there is a drain valve to discharge accumulated moisture.  

In this way, it will improve the longevity of the portable air compressor. 

Observing the automatic shut-off function is essential: The best 12-volt air compressor will automatically shut off when the machine reaches its maximum output. Supervise this function, as a failure in an automatic shutdown system can put your life at risk. 

Maintain Vents –  

Air compressor maintenance includes cleaning intake vents. As dirt and contaminants accumulate in the vents, the condition of the portable 12v air compressor degrades. Therefore, do not let the ventilation get dirty and clean it regularly. 

Look at the air filters –  

Air filters keep dirt and contaminants out of the tank. It would help change the air filters frequently for the 12v air compressor to run smoothly. 

The Screws: 

Be sure to tighten the screws while holding the 12v air compressor. Nuts, bolts, and screws lose their grip as you use the device more. 

Therefore, every time you use the appliance, do not forget to tighten the fasteners. A lost stain can take away your peace.


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Check Hoses: 

Is your 150 PSI air compressor hose leaking?

As a result, your portable air compressor may suffer damage. While maintaining the air compressor, make sure the hose is not leaking.

Things to consider before buying a 12-volt air compressor

If you spend your money without proper planning, you may later regret your purchase. One must consider several aspects when buying the best 12-volt air compressor. Let’s see them. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a12v DC portable air compressor

If you spend your money without proper planning, you may later regret your purchase. One should consider various aspects when shopping for the best 12-volt air compressor. let’s see them 

EPAuto 12v DC portable air compressor pump review FAQs

What is your budget?  

Set the amount you are willing to spend on your air compressor. You will find it boring to select a suitable air pump without confirming the budget. There are several different types of air compressors available in e-commerce stores. Setting your budget will help you filter the correct model, meeting all budget requirements. Therefore, before you start looking at the options available, confirm the amount you want to pay. 

What is your purpose?  

Purposes play an essential role when investing in 12v air compressors. You will need a portable air compressor if you want it for household purposes. Industrial or commercial air compressors are not associated with residential facilities. So be sure to confirm your goal before placing your order. 

What features do you want?  

You will get multiple air compressors with unique features and service areas. Some machines work well for filling gas cylinders, while others are more dedicated to operating spray paint guns. You will also find air compressors that aim to cover a wide area of ​​service. So, be wise and thoroughly check out the best 12-volt air compressor reviews. 

Which eCommerce store do you prefer?  

You may not know it, but eCommerce stores play a significant role. The best e-stores like Amazon deal only with authentic sellers who promise not to compromise on quality. If you visit Amazon, you can be sure to meet only genuine sellers with premium products. So don’t forget to consider this essential factor before ordering. 

Do you like exchange offers? 

It is no wonder that exchange policies are always beneficial. You can trade in your old compressor for a new one and get attractive discounts on your recent purchase with a trade-in offer. Without an exchange policy, you won’t be able to do your old compressor justice. So before you step forward, check whether the seller is demonstrating an exchange offer or not. 

Do you want to spend on delivery service?  

You will not feel like spending on the delivery service when shopping for an expensive device. Few sellers charge shipping fees, even on costly purchases. It would be wise to skip those salespeople. Before adding the item to your cart, check if the seller is applying shipping fees or not. 

Do you want to avoid a complicated installation? 

Most 12v air compressors come with no or no installation process. But still, we recommend that you check whether the product you are buying encourages a complicated installation process or not. 

Is the product you are buying returnable? 

Buying online does not allow you to view the material physically. You will have to be satisfied with the virtual images and specifications mentioned. 

What if the air compressor doesn’t meet your needs after using it?  

Returnable products can be returned as soon as a technical or structural failure occurs. Therefore, please ensure that the item can return before finalizing the deal. 

How to buy the best 12-volt air compressor? 

Well, the “best” product depends on the buyer’s side. Different clients come up with unique demands and rates. Therefore, it would be wise to consider a top 10 12v air compressor update before validating the model. Various compressors have different pros and cons; therefore, it would be good to understand better the specifications mentioned. In-depth research will help you avoid the unwanted dangers of after-sales service and repairs. So, if you want to invest in a suitable air compressor, be sure to consider reviews. 

Why do I need an air compressor? 

You will need an air compressor for various purposes that help clean your garage. You can do it all with an air compressor, from inflating tires to operating nail guns. Otherwise, you can fill empty gas cylinders paint your garage doors and interior walls. Various industries use commercial and industrial air compressors to support uninterrupted development. Consult the options available in the electronic market and place the most suitable gadget for your use. 

Why is it necessary to maintain an air compressor? 

It is not just an air compressor, but if you want your machinery to serve you for years, you must maintain it regularly. The best 12-volt air compressor comes with several specifications that you need to monitor frequently. Negligence can degrade the condition of your 12v air compressor. You can refer to the maintenance tips highlighted above for a more straightforward guide. 

What type of air compressor should I buy? 

If you want a heavy-duty air compressor for your business, you can go for heavy-duty compressors. But if you are looking for a portable 12v air compressor, then considering a residential air compressor will be the right thing. Do not get confused; confirm your purpose and purchase a suitable compressor based on your choice. 

How long is the cable? 

The cord is long enough from the car’s front doors to the back without a problem. 

Do you know the cord is long enough to go to the rear tire from the cigarette car charger?  

The cable will only reach small cars with rear wheels. If you have a charging hole in the back seats, it will reach the rear tires. There may be a problem with trucks with long beds, but this small compressor is not suitable for flat tires. It will be boiling. 

Is this safe and strong enough? 

Without forcing the car battery to charge, all four wheels of the minivan wholly dispersed.

Don’t rely on that!!! My tap is dead. It probably doesn’t work!!!!! 

Why can’t this inflate tires in the country up to only 35 psi? 

The description of the object is maxing 70 psi. Now I know that my wheels do not go down more than 40. I am 22 years old, and it takes a long time to inflate my tire fully. Now you can buy and see if it rises to 70 psi and will fully extend your tires or look for something with an extra psi. 

Will this work 4runner tires? 

Works well on my 285-75-16 pickup 

Why does he no longer want to pump air into my tire?  

You only have it for a month into your tire.I have used mine only twice since I bought it from all four Avalanche tires. A month went by. Try it on something like a bike. If it doesn’t work, it probably has a defect. 

Can you use this air compressor in an Audi Q5?

Yes, you can. 

Can I replace the chord for my compressor? 

It is doubtful that I understand that I have not tested the machine yet.

EPAuto 12v DC portable air compressor
thanks for reading this article I hope you have all the answers to your questions regarding the EPAuto 12v DC portable air compressor pump review.
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