Makita mac700 air compressor review


Are you searching for an air compressor for homes or industries? Then the Makita MAC700 air compressor is the best to match your choice. It is an excellent compressor with great power that can work simultaneously around the house and in the workplace.

Besides, it is a petcock-style air compressor with a high-efficiency motor; these features can make it effortless to refill the tank and improve the job site performance.

Well, I will discuss the MAC700 in depth here; read thoroughly to decide whether the machine is the best pick.
Why Is Makita MAC700 So Popular?
Makita MAC700 features an iron pump with a Big Bore cylinder, and the piston is engineered to deliver a faster recovery for the best performance. These features will help the engine to give you high output and longer operational life.
It has 2.0 Horse Power (HP) and a 4-pole motor inductor that produces 3.3 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) at 90 Pound Per Square Inch (PSI) for improved job site performance and lower noise level. That is powerful and makes your work lower time than other air compressors.
MAC700 has a low amp that can reduce accidents of tripped breakers, and the pump runs at lower 1720 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM), raising pump durability. And it can do the work under harsh job site conditions.
This machine has a roll bar handle, which is very portable to carry over places. You can quickly move the device outdoors and indoors when needed.
It has a 2.6-gallon tank capacity, which is enough for industrial use. The average-size tank can provide you with work around your house and workplace together.
Makita MAC700 has four rubber feet that can reduce vibration and control noise. Also, rubber feet can save your floor, like wood and surfaces, from scratch.
The machine is oil-lubricated and has oil sight glass. That will let you know the oil level when you refill the tank, Which is very convenient and makes it easy to recharge.
This air compressor has an air filter, surprisingly. And that can clean air, remove dust and pollen, and expells fresh air.

These features and benefits make MAC700 so popular over other air compressors. Read further to know more about the device and get an overall idea. Hence, you can go with the machine if it matches your preferences.

Very solid construction
Quick recharge
Larger tank capacity
Quality fitting and gauges
Long-lasting and easy to maintain
Rubber feet can reduce vibration
Has sight glass

Slightly overweight

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Key Features And Benefits Of Makita MAC700
Makita MAC700 has fantastic features which can use for both apartments and industries. Besides, it has a sight glass; you can see the view of and level of oil through it, which makes the tank refill easy and smooth.

Let’s dive into the section below to know all properties in detail–
Makita MAC700 has a compact design with excellent built quality. It has a one-cylinder air compressor that can store pressurized air and give more work time. The controls are on the right side of the machine, with a tank pressure meter and a coupler.

On the other side, weight can be an essential topic to discuss if you work with the air compressor in different places. Many devices are heavier available in the market, which is tough to carry around.

But Makita MAC700 weighs 59lbs which is not very hard to move and handle over the device that is easy to bring to the job site.
Motor Power
This machine has a 2.0 horsepower (HP) motor with a low amp that saves from dispute and a regularly tripped breaker at startup. The cast iron pump is powered by a four-pool engine that can maintain improved power and longer operational life.

The advanced mechanism pump that Makita owns is a “Big Bore engineered pump.” The cast iron with bore pump and piston will do the work with high efficiency and raise durability even in the most challenging situation on your job site.
Air Pressure (PSI)
Air pressure is Pound Per Square Inch (PSI) rate, which measures the pressure for effective work. In addition, the air compressor needs a minimum of 90 PSI for better performance.

Makita MAC700 comes with 90 to maximum pressure 130 PSI, enough to operate brad and inflate small tires and staplers.

Air Flow Capacity (CFM)
This airflow capacity is measured in Cubic Feet Per Meter (CFM) or Standard Cubic Feet Per Meter (SCFM). The CFM is significant in air compressors to measure the volume of airflow.

However, an air compressor requires 0-5 SCFM. And MAC700 has 3.3CFM, enough to do cutting, spraying, and grinding.
Tank Size
The tank size is vital in an air compressor because it depends on how much oil the machine can hold. The larger the tank size, the more air a compressor can store, which is required to inflate a tire or pool.

The MAC700 has a hot dog-style 2.6-gallon steel tank that can hold huge air to do heavy duty without any buffering.

However, this machine has a petcock valve instead of a traditional ball drain right under the tank, and that can make refill and discharge easy and simple.
Noise Level
Despite being a professional compressor, the Makita makes under 80 decibels of the nose, lesser than many other air compressors. It makes the average sound level, allowing you to set the machine on the worksite without hearing protection.

Besides, its pump runs at a lower RPM of 1720 and has rubber feet, helping the machine to reduce the loud sound.
Power Source
The electric corded machine comes with an 8 feet long power cord, which helps you reach the long-distance item.

Also, MAC700 has 14 feet gauge wire thickness, and the copper finned pipe can go into the tank from the compressor to help it cool down and reduce the amount of water.
Versatile Uses
The versatile Makita MAC700 features with pump cylinder and piston that can deliver industrial power and increase durability for challenging workplace conditions. You can simultaneously use this machine for a DIY project at home and industrial sites.
As far as warranty is concerned, Makita is the best service provider. They have thirty days replacement and refund opportunity. Let’s say you are unsatisfied with the machine and need a more robust product. Now you can replace the device with a new one or ask for a refund.

Also, the MAC700 comes with a one-year warranty that includes free labor service. So, if you face any manufacturing defects, you can claim your contract.

But before you purchase the machine, make sure you buy it from the authorized warranty service.

Recommended Usage of Makita MAC700
Finish and trim
heavy-duty professionals
Some User Experience With Makita MAC700

Comparison with Competitors: Makita MAC700
Makita MAC700
Makita MAC2400

Makita MAC100Q

2 HP
2.5 HP
0.5 HP
Motor RPM
Air Flow Capacity
3.3 CFM
4.2 CFM
0.7 CFM
59.6 Pounds
80.8 Pounds
27.6 Pounds
Power Source
Corded Electric
Corded Electric
Corded Electric
120 Volts
120 Volts
120 Volts
Oil Capacity
Tank Capacity
2.6 Gallon
4.2 Gallon
1 Gallon
Tank Material
Cast Iron
Noise Level
80 Decibel
79 Decibel
58 Decibel
1-year parts and labor
1-year parts and labor
1-year parts and labor

Will Purchasing Makita MAC700 Air Compressor Be A Wise Decision?
Makita MAC700 has many additional properties which can provide excellent performance even in a challenging workplace. Moreover, it has a 2.0 HP effective motor and a large tank capacity for industrial work.

Plus, it has a long power cord, a handle over the machine, and rubber feet. In addition, this machine is appropriate for versatile use like DIYers, home design contractors, heavy-duty professionals, and remodelers.

Besides, this oil-based pump always generates less heat than an oil-free pump. Hence, it has a view oil gauge and petcock oil drain so you can quickly notice the oil level before refilling the tank, and the petcock makes the poring process smoother than the old version.

So, considering all the features, I recommend you choose the Makita MAC700 for effective performance. However, you can also consider Makita MAC700 for a larger tank size and Makita MAC100Q for a lower noise level.
Frequently Asked Questions About Makita MAC700
What type of oil does this MAC700 take?
Makita MAC700 is an oil-lubricated machine. And you can use regular compressor oil, synthetic and non-detergent. But do not put it into the tank of automotive oil.

Does Makita MAC700 have an on/off switch?
Yes, MAC700 has an on and off switch button. You don’t have to unplug the machine all the time. You can put it plugging and simply press the on button when you want to start the engine.

Is Makita MAC700 make too much noise?
As to noise, MAC700 is not too bad. All the air compressors make some noise through recycling. And MAC700 operates lower sound than other compressors.

Can Makita MAC700 be use for industrial?
MAC700 has 2hp motor power, a big bore cylinder with a piston that can provide maximum pressure, and a 2.6 gallons tank size; this machine can use for industries and home use.

How to pour the oil into the tank of Makita MAC700?

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