Makita mac700 air compressor review

Makita mac700 air compressor review-Buying Guide

As the best machines will tell you, if you’re scrutinizing more power, give the Makita Mac700 air compressor a try. This air compressor is designed to have a huge impact with low noise scenarios. You will get the best answer for your desirable compressor in the Makita mac700 air compressor review. Major improvements have been made since the introduction of its predecessor.

From now on, performance has come to the fore, and the goal has been to satisfy every industrial user, even when the jobs are the most difficult of the most difficult. Longer durability promises that you won’t waste your valuable time maintaining this air compressor. Instead, it will take care of all the tasks you entrust to it.

Makita MAC700

It was in 1915. No one could have guessed it. So, the newly formed Makita Electric Works would become the most respected international brand today. I want to take you on a journey into the company’s history. This presentation will show how the company has gained its star reputation and how many who appreciate the value of quality energy tools (including me) have come to respect this brand as one of the best.

Makita History

Makita Electric Works began selling electric motors, lighting equipment, and transformers from Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. It was 1915 when the entire world was in the midst of the most devastating war ever to be fought, WWI. Despite all the difficulties, the tiny trading firm started its path to greatness.

Ironically, when the next major war (WWII) was about to begin in 1935, the Makita company launched its first leg of expansion. Their first business venture was sending generators to the Soviet Union outside Japan. The Cold War had been around for some time, and the newly formed Soviet Union was a growing and exciting market for a small company.

Japan saw heavy damage, and the Makita Company was forced to relocate its headquarters to Sumiyoshi-Cho in Anjo-City in World War II. This war was to prevent a massive bombing of a Japanese industrial center. Like many Japanese companies that survived the war, the following decades saw a dramatic increase.

In 1959, Makita began its new legacy as a full-fledged manufacturer of electric tools. They started by sending 1300 handmade designs to nearby Australia and embarked on their journey to become one of the world’s largest and most respected electronics manufacturers. In 1960, the construction of their new primary center was completed. In 1962 he saw the company enter the major sector, change its name to Makita Electric Works, Ltd, and started trading on the Nagoya Stock Exchange.

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Overview of the company

Why you should buy a Makita mac700 air compressor

Getting this answer, you must read my article-Makita mac700 air compressor review where I explain why you should buy it.

If you need repair, use the oil sight glass so you can do it quickly, competently, and with very little effort. The Makita Mac700 has a large air filter that can retain the air needed to create jobs at the highest level without problems. It is lined with ribbed copper outlet tubes that this heat could be dissipated more competently and less water accumulated in the tank.

If you long to use this air compressor as a portable accessory, with little effort, use the handle on the tank grill and sit on top of the engine for use, accessibility, and protection from injury. For everything, you need in an air compressor and even more, turn it into a Makita!

Makita MAC700 Air Compressor Review – Low Noise

It looks like an excellent product overall! If you plan to get one or need one, you can use this information. 1. The oil filling cap is one piece and contains the cap and the attached tube.

High Output Air Compressor

It might look as though the cap is separate from the tube, but do not worry. Screw it all over a threaded oil filler opening. It shouldn’t be too tight. Fingers tight. Maybe something more would do it. It is unnecessary to check oil levels; the only thing required is to add the oil when necessary. Use the sight glass beneath the fillers cap for checking oil levels. The aluminum air filter housing fits well with the motor.

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  • Dimensions of Makita mac700: 18 x 22 x 10 inches Air compressor weight: 52 pounds
  • The Makita MAC700 features the “Big Bore” pump cylinder and piston for high performance and quieter operation.
  • It is powered by a 2.0 HP engine with a 2.6-liter tank.
  • Besides, it features a pump designed with a larger bore and stroke for faster recovery and greater compression.
  • Features: an oil-lubricated pump and large filter for increased efficiency.
  • This compressor includes a roll bar handle and an oil sight glass.
  • It has come with an operating pressure of 130 PSI.
  • You will get this compressor delivered at 40 PSI (3.8 CFM) and 90 PSI (3.3 CFM).


Twice the performance of most other comparable usable wind is compressors on the market today. Despite its power and ability to perform well in industrial jobs, it is not noisy. Very durable and easy to maintain if required. Thought out with envisioning health and safety, the handle stays out of the way to avoid hand injuries when carrying this wind compressor between locations. You will get all information in the Makita mac700 air compressor review.


Several users find the 2.6-gallon tank somewhat limiting, but this is subjective. It doesn’t have wheels and requires lifting, but at 52 pounds, it’s not a huge inconvenience for fit workers.

For whom is it?

The Makita Mac700 is ideal for users who need a machine to operate industrial power, as this air compressor is super powerful and intuitive. People who don’t yearn to keep maintenance on the front line or who yearn to route it.

This air compressor is an impressively durable compressor that doesn’t require constant maintenance to do your job well, even on tough jobs. If you’ve ever had trouble with tanks full of water, this wind compressor has been lined with copper fins to prevent this from happening.

Workers with larger hands require more space to avoid injuring their hands when accommodating the wind compressor between locations. This compressor features a no-brainer access handle on the motor and is securely attached to the tank.

For those who require an outboard compressor, this unit features an oil-lubricated pump so you can be sure it can start even when the engine is running, it’s cold, and the machine has been left out for the duration—the night.

Don’t you have that?

Why does it bewitch us?

We are charmed by the Makita Mac700 because it works long and lasts a long time without constant care, maintenance or attention. If you require an air compressor, work hard with industrial strength, spend a long time in cold temperatures, and work hard at incredibly low decibels, you won’t find a better air compressor on the listings than this one. Don’t be disappointed with your new Makita Mac700.

Decibel of Noise

As a professional-level compressor, the unit produces only 79 decibels of noise under tiny oil-free trim-compressors.

Note some oil-free compressors with equal power delivery can be much higher than this solid man. As it is a pump full of oil, the noise of ridicule is reduced due to the lubrication center.

Design of Makita mac700 air compressor

The Makita MAC700 air compressor has a lot of power packed in a small container. The muscular two-horsepower motor, a large perforated pump cylinder, and a sturdy piston are designed to provide a high combination of low noise output, increased productivity, and reliable workplace performance.

This air compressor is ready for use in the living room and DIYer using main guns, an airbrush attachment for paint projects, wrenches, nail guns, and certain compressed air tools used in automotive settings. It will work best with tools with low air requirements, especially those that do not work continuously, as this gives the compressor a chance to compress the air into the hotdog tank.


The essence of this device is its powerful engine with a stainless steel pump with a large bore and piston-cylinder, available to provide the best performance. If you are sure, let me explain what all those words mean. Drill the width of the cylinder on the piston engines and stroke the movement of the piston inside the cylinder.

Larger and longer piercings mean better pressure, less noise output, and faster recovery time. Also, the amount of air produced is very large, which leads to several cycles, and protects the parts from getting too old.


I mean a water tank, not a car! Although this is how the compressor is designed, I would not be too far away if I call it a tank. The unit has a “hot dog” tank that meets the requirements in most cases due to its short recovery time.

If the numbers 130 PSI or 3.3 CFM at 90 PSI do not tell you much, let me put it this way. Power tools like air cylinders, wrenches, and grinders only need 90 PSI pressure to operate, so there is a lot of storage hidden inside the compressor. If you need more air, you can buy a different tank and transfer it there.


The air compressor can deliver less than 80dB of power, lower than your average kitchen blender. ​​How quiet it is, a standard compressor operates at 90dB. The difference may not seem so great, but keep in mind the increase in a few decibels can sometimes mean twice as much noise.

While sound should not be the first thing you think of when you get an air compressor, it is still amazing to find a powerful one, but it can also be used indoors, in a garage, or workspace without waking up everywhere!

Oil-Lubricate Pump

Although oil-free compressors require minor repairs, it is better than an oil-coated type if you do hard work that requires a device like this. Why? Because although you need to keep it, which means things can be messy, having an oil-filled pump means long life and reliable operation. It is an Oil-free pump. Besides, it tends to overheat, especially when an extensive operation is involved, so this “minor feature” solves that problem.

The notoriously dirty process is not a hassle for repairs, as oil tanks come with a viewing glass to let you know if there is still oil in the compressor. You have to drain the oil by removing the oil pump plug and inserting the new oil, which automatically comes with a compressor.


You can look at two sides: Size and weight. The unit measures 18x10x22 inches. This shape makes it compact enough to move. Weight is around 52lbs, so even though it is not quite small, it still allows for a good level of texture. So, an air compressor, not a pillow.

All that weight is there to make it more stable. When it comes to moving it away or moving it elsewhere, you will have no problem slipping it into your garage or the floor and the trunk of your car.

Low Amp Draw

The benefits of a low amp pull are many. For example, if you use a compressor on a construction site, hidden breakers and power outages can cause automotive failure. Even using a simple extension cord can lead to breakage of breakers. It disrupts your work, wastes time, and damages the engine.

All in all

Although I reviewed reviews of this stellar product, I had already decided. It’s just light. It will deal with whatever you throw at it, and it turns out with some impressive performance figures.

It is extremely strong, but you do not lose any emotion. If you are serious about spending your money on a compressor that has never been more, I don’t think you would be making a mistake by looking at Amazon.

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FAQ regarding Makita mac700 air compressor review

What is the energy used?

2 HP

What is the strength of this air compressor?

Maximum 80 decibels

At what pressure does this compressor work?

Maximum 130 PSI.

What kind of pump does this compressor have?

An oil-lubricated pump. Coupler Material: Brass Tank Size: 2.6 gallon

What oil does a Makita compressor take?

Use only air pressure oil, e.g., SAE. The P68 with the first operating unit is a special compressor with small fuel oil. My large MAC5200 uses 10w, 20w, or 30w, depending on ambient temperature.

How much oil goes into the air compressor?

The oil should fill until the viewing glass is 1/2 to 2/3 full in all models.