Before we delve deeper into the details of this VIAIR 85P review, This is one of the well-known air compressors from fortune 500 companies. The company mostly produces low horse-power, zero-oil air compressors, and machinery at an incredibly reasonable price. Viair 85p is companies one of the best-selling products. The stuff is oil-free with a backlit LED- pressure gauge in many other amazing features with long-lasting durability. The product seems quite promising in service and gaining customers’ praise. Moreover, the stuff comes in a package having other necessary accessories for fixing your tire. Though the material will help you and eventually save you in an emergency, you can’t accomplish any bigger target.

Essential features at a glance:

  • Brand: Viair
  • Model: 85P
  • Category: Residential
  • Style: Portable
  • Weight: 5-lbs
  • Peak HP: 4.5
  • CFM@40 PSI: 0.92
  • Max Pressure: 60 PSI
  • Volt- 12
  • Pump Type: Oil-free
  • Oil-type: N/A
VIAIR 85P Fill Rates

VIAIR 85p Portable Air Compressor Review


  • The performance can be quite depressing as it isn’t stable as the stationary one found on the market. It is to be less powerful. The pressure range of the 85P series’ tops out at 60 PSI, & it is only capable of re-inflating 31 tires. In case of power lacking, the unit makes it up for available accessories. Users don’t need to buy additional accessories like air-hose, tire-chuck, or power plugs. The unit itself comes with accessories with a 120-PSI pressure gauge, a LED work-light, a power indicator & a 3-piece inflation tips kit. Viair cares about the user and makes it packed with all the necessary instruments for roadside tire fixation. Moreover, the stuff makes you carefree about the oil amount or oil change. The thing is oil-free.
  • Style:
  • When it comes to style, the users praise the staff mostly for the portable form. You can’t rely on this product for any large project as the machine is for emergency cases to air up a flat tire. I can also air up an air mattress. Depending on the tire size, the time necessary for a re-filling tire is easy to find out. Most tires take about 2 minutes or less than that to re-fill by Viair 85p.

Noise level:

  • The product is remarkably quiet. Users have reported that this feature is one of the most well-appreciated characteristics of the 85p air compressor model. The feature gives you relief from waking up in the community late at night.


The stuff is light in weight and compact in design to fit your car’s trunk. Viair 85P is primarily for re-filling flat tires of cars, bikes, motorcycles, bicycles, and trucks.



  • Oil Free & Portable.
  • Compact, lightweight.
  • It can make the roadside tires quick as well as easy-to-fix.
  • The product comes with roadside-tires inflation stuff.
  • Vehicles cigarette light connects to the power cord.


  • You can only use the stuff to re-fill the flat tires.

Who should be the buyer?

Anyone of any age can use Viair 85P. The purpose of using the stuff differentiates the user. If you are out of home or on vacation, you can quickly re-fill the flat tire using this stuff. The material isn’t for industrial or heavy uses. According to some buyers, it can also aerate the air mattress. You have to bear in mind that the capability of the stuff in re-filling is up to 31 tires.

Consumer Ratings:

Consumers are pretty satisfied with the stuff’s price that is under 100$ and can re-fill up to a total of 31 tires.

 Most customers have stated that Viair air compressors always come in excellent quality. This stuff is strong enough and fast. The compressor is handy in sub-freezing weather as it inflates from 10 PSI to 38 PSI in unnoticeable time.

VIAIR 85P metter


Where are Viair compressors made?

The factory is in China, ISO certified, and the produced compressors are CE certified. The company fixes the materials in the U.S.

Is it possible for a tire to lose air without any hole?

Yes, it is possible. Just because your tire looks beautiful does not mean there isn’t any way to escape the air. There are two possibilities: the wheel & the valve stem for mounting the tire.

How big should be an air compressor to fill a car’s tire?

PSI is enough for most of the car’s tire 32-35. A portable compressor of 1 or 2 CFM at 90 PSI would be the right choice for accomplishing the job.

What should be the size of an air compressor for an impact wrench?

Usually, a 4-5 CFM compressor at 90 PSI suits an impact wrench of ½ inch best.

 I could recommend one more thing, i.e., look for a compressor having a capacity of 20 gallons. Such a function of a gallon will avoid the delay between the tasks.

What are the disadvantages of VIAIR 85P?

Unfortunately, you have to bear some adverse effects too. As per the negative report of the customers, the unit blows a fuse on the car. The maximum ampere draw is 14.5 amps.

So, to avoid such an accident, make sure to check the power-port rating for your car’s max amperage before ordering the product. Bear in mind that your car engine should be running at 85P.

 It will be safe to directly use an adaptor (like Roadpro 12-volt) to connect the compressor to the battery.

Bottom line

Hope you understand from VIAIR 85P review, that this compressor is something that every car owner should consider keeping for emergency cases. But if you are looking for a multifunctional one, then find something more substantial and with the extra powerful unit. This stuff can only re-inflate flat-tires though some of the users have commented that the material is also able to inflate the air mattress.

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VIAIR 85p Portable Air Compressor
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