If you have an air compressor, it does not mean the job is done. Instead, you must know how to use an air compressor for bike tires.

Therefore, when your bike tires suddenly leak while you are going somewhere. The most adverse situation is you don’t see any filling station nearby where you can give your tire air pressure. Then what to do? 

Now, you are thinking about a portable air compressor that can solve your tire issues. An air compressor can be a guardian angle for you. But the matter is, do you know how to use an air compressor for bike tires? Or what kind of air compressor is suitable for your tire? 

Buying a compressor is not the solution; there are many things to consider. However, in this guideline, you will get every information. 

So, let’s discuss. 

Things To Consider Before How to Use Air Compressor For Bike tires.

Here is the list of some matters you must know about using an air compressor for bike tires. They are in detail-

Choose A Suitable Compressor

When the question comes about how to use an air compressor for bike tires, you should first select a suitable air compressor. Then, you can find compressors of different sizes with various capacities. For example, a large air compressor has a 150 PSI capacity, whereas a medium-sized or small air compressor has a 90 PSI capacity. 

Again, one more thing you must remember is that the air compressor is of two types- stationary and movable. A fixed air compressor is placed on the ground permanently so that you cannot move near your bike. 

A portable air compressor has wheels at the bottom so that it can be displaced from one point to another. You can get the machine to the bike and insert air into the inflated tires. 

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Choose A Suitable Compressor

Know The Tire Pressure 

Now, think about the kind of bike you are using. Mountain bike? Road bike? or a hybrid one? Because the tires used in these bikes are not the same, their PSI capacity is also different. For example, road bike tires have the strength of 80- 130 PSI, while mountain bikes are 25-35 PSI.  

If you use a hybrid bike, its capacity is not much more than 40-70 PSI.  

You will find a number on the tire indicating the maximum air pressure. It does not mean that you have to input air to that number. Instead, it is used to know the air compressor you must use.  

Always try to balance the air pressure in tires because it is a matter of your security. Many things can happen if the air in the tires is below or over. When the air is not leveled, you cannot get the best performance out of your bike. It will run slow though you put much speed. Again, you will face a problem regarding controlling the bike.  

Moreover, giving too much air to the tires is not good as it creates friction issues. As a result, tires get heat, and this causes serious harm to the steel cords. Read about tire pressure in details

Prepare The Tires  

Tires have a stem cap situated on the top of the valve stem. It is used for not getting the dirt and water inside. Remove the lid and put it in the secured area to avoid getting off track.  

But before putting the air pressure inside, first, check whether the tires are hot enough or not. Then, let them isolate and cool down for thirty minutes if they are hot. It is done so because hot tires do not give the exact result.  

They give the wrong reading in gauge while filling up the tires. That is why you should provide the pressure when the tires are cold enough to deliver accurate information. 

Know The Tire Pressure

Switch The Air Compressor On

Air compressors run on electric power. So, it is needed to give the air compressor uninterrupted electricity to power it up. But, again, the other thing to remember is to check whether the plug consists of two or three pins. If it has three pins, then then the outlet should have to match it.  

You can take your air compressor to your bike if it has a movable facility. Now, connect the tires with a compressor hose pipe by placing it at the top of the valve and attaching the coupler. This coupler helps you to give the air into the tires that are needed.  

Turn on the switch to get the motor to work and send air to the tires.  

Ensure the tires do not get much air in them; keep an eye on the gauge. If they are overloaded, they will burst, meaning you will have to pay extra money.  

Some inflators have the feature of stopping work after required air is given. This feature sets you free from being cautious and halting the motor manually. 

Switch The Air Compressor On

Disconnect The Hose 

After filling up the tires, it is time to remove the pipe. Disconnect the line from the valve and place the stem cap at the top of the valve. Be cautious while capping the valve. The air inside will come out if the valve gets pressure when attaching the lid.  

Now, your bike is ready to use, and you already know how to use an air compressor. 

How to use air compressor for bike tires?

If you are considering using the same compressor for your bicycle without paying extra money to the shopkeeper, then you are ready to use it. But, hold on a second; you cannot use the air compressor directly on the bicycle as you can easily use it on the bike.  

Why? The answer is hidden in the valves. The valves used in cars are different from those of bicycles. Cars use Schrader valves while bicycles use Presta valves. So then, how do you use your air compressor?  

It is simple; using an adaptor of Presta to Schrader can relieve your problem. It is not much to buy and is easy to use. Just place it at the top of the valve and connect it to the end of the compressor.  

So, let’s talk about adaptor usage. 


Disconnect The Hose

Remove The Cap Of The Valve

For setting the adaptor, at first, remove the Presta valve cap so you can get access to the upcoming procedures. The primary function of a hat is to stop letting the dirt and water get access inside the tire.

Loosen The Top Of The Valve

In this stage, lose the top of the valve. It is the line from where the air gets in or gets out. So, be careful not giving pressure on it. Otherwise, you will lose the remaining air inside the tires. 


You can put pressure if your tire’s valve is new or has not been used for a long time, then it will seal. Doing this allows you to put the valve into use, and air will go in when you connect the valve to the compressor. 

Set The Adapter To The Valve

Set the adaptor to the valve for pumping tires and turn the air compressor switch on. Check the tires are not overfilled; otherwise, they will burst. When the tires fill up, then remove the adaptor. 

Tighten the valve and cap it.

After completing everything, now tighten the top of the valve. If you are not doing, let the valve open inside, allowing the air to get out. So, screw the valve when everything is done and cap it for not to insert dirt and water into the tire to damage it.

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Remove The Cap Of The Valve


Air compressors can make your life easy. You don’t have to go far searching for a gas filling station when you have an air compressor near your hand. Moreover, you can fill the tires of the bikes or bicycles with it. I hope you have received your answer to my guideline. 

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