What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages of Air Compressors

The Air compressor is a game-changer invention of science. It works like the heart of the human body. You may know how our heart pumps blood. Same as the heart, it pumps pressurized air outward. And as similar other inventions, the air compressor also has pros and cons. But it has fewer drawbacks though. 

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of air compressors? Well, in this well-researched article, I will share everything, including the advantages and disadvantages. Also, the types of air compressors and practical uses of an air compressor. Keep reading–

What Is An Air Compressor?

What Is An Air Compressor

An air compressor is an air device where lots of air is stored by pressurizing. Basically, this machine has a storage tank to hold a maximum capacity of the environment’s air. At the same time, it can convert the power into utilizable energy. 

There are different types of air compressors that are used in the different fields of our daily life.  

If you want to know details about an air compressor, you don’t have to look at the outside of your home. It is already in your refrigerator to create a cold environment. 

How Does the Air Compressor Work?

How Does the Air Compressor Work

In most compressors, a motor pulls the air from the environment into its storage tank. The storage then becomes pressurized since it contains a significant amount of air. When the air exits from the pressurized cylinder, it makes a potential energy that helps us in many ways.

Therefore, you can consider the whole process as a swelling gas balloon containing a large amount of air. The comparison between a balloon and an air compressor is a balloon swelled by external air and the air under lower pressure. In contrast, the air of a compressor can be stored under high pressure for later use.

Uses of Air Compressors

Uses of Air Compressors

There are plenty of air compressors in the market. But all compressors are made only for three types of work: consumers, professionals, and industries. 

You will be astonished if you know how many areas need heavy and highly pressurized air for use. Identify some significant areas where a compressor can serve as the focus medium.

1. Engines

Every engine in every vehicle uses an air compressor for different purposes. For example- 

  • For maintaining the heating and cooling of the engine.
  • For installing the air brakes of larger vehicles like trucks and travel buses.
  • Used as the main engine to run park rides.

2. Inflating

Some air compressors can flow the air with a minimum of 25 to 6000 psi (pounds per square inch) pressure that requires for pumping the tires of vehicles such as-

  • Bike tires ( 80-120 psi)
  • Bicycle tires (25-30 psi)
  • Mountain Bikes tires (40-70)

3. Scuba Diving

For scuba diving, visitors need compressed air because divers can stay underwater longer when they use tanks that hold pressurized air.

4. Construction

The use of air compressors on construction sites is quite common. Furthermore, this it’s essential to use air compressors to use the mechanical tools such as-

  • Drilling without electricity.
  • Hammering by air pressure.
  • Air compactors.

5. Manufacturing

The manufacturing of products is the most beneficial application of air compressors. Rotary screw compressors are mainly used in this phase. Also, there are several tasks being done by the air compressors, such as

  • It ensures clean, contaminant-free, and tightly sealed products.

6. Agriculture

That is the second-most common area where air compressors are being used in a massive way. You may know that there are many new commercial technologies in the field of agriculture that require air compressors to effectively farm certain crops. For instance- 

  • Compressors filled the demands of a dairy farm and greenhouse ventilation by watering and distributing steady air.  

7. Health

Did you ever consult with a dentist? 

To fix dental issues with restorative treatment, dentists must use dental air compressors and vacuum cleaners as powerful instruments. Also, there are a couple of tools specified by the higher air compressor system. 

8. Spray Painting

Because of its general mechanism, you can think of a proper rotary screw compressor as a spray paint can. A spray painting machine is a compressor device that always releases air under extreme pressure as paint. 

Advantages of An Air Compressor

Advantages of An Air Compressor

Air compressors have a 400-year history. In the first phase, people only used a compressor to get fresh air. But in today’s reality, it’s a different face to use. With time, an air compressor has gained a lot of advantages. There are many advantages to having an air compressor in our daily lives. The most important benefits of an air compressor are

1. Safe and Convenience

Safe and Convenience

There is no chance of getting an electrical shock or doing other uncertain things because there is no electric resource. Also, it’s free from the fear of disease; instead, some compressors are being used for the treatment of many diseases. Besides this, it’s very convenient for generating high temperatures and energy. 

2. The Air Compressor Operates Quietly

The Air Compressor Operates Quietly

Sometimes an air compressor is called a “quiet compressor” because it does not create any external sound. If you go for any pumper or other pumping device, it will annoy you by making sounds. But in terms of noise insulation, air compressors use an effective lubricant that absorbs the noise. So, due to this quietness, you can use an air compressor in your office or other working places with zero disturbance. 

3. Increases Productivity

Increases Productivity

Some compressors regulate their speed dynamically to balance output with demand. As a result, it can determine when and where you require how much air pressure or force to increase the productivity of any work. 

Furthermore, to maintain a manual pumper, we need to be assigned a human who can continuously increase or decrease the level of output of a pumper or cooler. However, because of advanced technology and sensors, an air compressor can do the same work on its own. And it will help to increase productivity without requiring constant maintenance. 

4. Air Compressor Conserves Energy

Air Compressor Conserves Energy

An Air compressor can obtain potential energy by pressing gas from any source. One of the biggest advantages of an air compressor is its ability to conserve energy. For instance, a lot of electric powerhouses use air compressors as the primary process of implanting electricity. 

5. Requires Low Maintenance

Requires Low Maintenance

The best thing about air compressors is how little maintenance they require. They don’t have as many moving parts and can operate in water present. Also, the air compressor can function in areas where other energy sources are prohibited because of the risk of explosion and fire. Even in hot conditions, it will work.

6. Air Compressors Are Economical

Air Compressors Are Economical

Nowadays, air compressors generate electricity by pumping water from a lower to a higher reservoir. According to strategy, pumped hydropower is the most common way to store energy around the world. It makes up more than 99% of all the electrical storage capacity. So, among this huge percentage, you are able to generate a significant amount of electricity by using high-speed air compressors. 

Disadvantages of An Air Compressor

Disadvantages of An Air Compressor

Along with benefits, all the invented technology has disadvantages. That force people to think of new innovations. 

As for the air compressor, there are some disadvantages that impact considering buying one. The negative aspects are:

1. Flying Debris

The force of pressurized air is always tremendous. But sometimes, the air may push particles under excessive pressure. Due to their potential to irritate skin or swallow into people’s eyes, these particles constitute a risk. The harm could be lethal depending on the particles’ size, shape, speed, and weight.

2. May Have Pressure Problems

One of the main reasons for falling human pressure is the obstruction of airflow. Sometimes, various components that comprise a compressed air system become the causes of plentiful airflow that prevent from taking breath generally. Because of this reason, pressure problems can happen often. 

3. Can Be Harmful to The Health

Compressor devices can cause pressure and eye problems and can create harmful noise levels for the hearing range. Most of the time, it happens because of the high speed of the air compressor. Unfortunately, such noise exposure may not be detected until much later in life and might result in severe health problems.

4. Releases Hot Emissions

When an air compressor experiences technical problems, it emits far hotter emissions than the normally flowing air. This emission can sometimes create fire hazards and put sensitive machinery in danger. And the subtle ventilation and dirt accumulation inside the machine can flow sweltering air, which is a detrimental experience.

Types of Air Compressors

Types of Air Compressors

There are many types of air compressors available in the market. But all compressors can be stratified into only four types. On the basis of utilization, you can use these different types of compressors for different purposes. The variety distinguishes based on the internal mechanism of a compressor. The four most common and usable types are:

1. Rotary Screw Compressors

Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Rotary screw compressors are gas compressors. It uses a rotary type of positive displacement mechanism. Generally, modern industries use these types of compressors for the sake of heavy construction. 

There are two types of rotary screw compressor models–

2. Oil-lubricated Screw Models

Oil-lubricated Screw Models

These models have oil-injected rotary screws, as oil operates the compressing system through lubricant that helps to keep the compressor cool. And it lubricates the compressor’s element without any noise. So, this oil-lubricated screw model creates a clean compressed air flow for mega constructions without making a sound. 

The three best oil-lubricated rotary screw air compressors are 

3. Oil-free screw models

Oil-free screw models

Oil-free screw compressors do not use oil to operate; they use pure water to compress the air. Also, it uses water to keep cool and lubricate the mechanism instead of lubricants. Basically, pharmaceutical, food, and beverage companies use these types of rotary screws to compress the air. 

The three best oil-free rotary screw air compressors are

  • CompAir Ultima™
  • DX series
  • HPMC 10HP

4. Reciprocating Air Compressors

Reciprocating Air Compressor

Reciprocating air compressors can be considered displacement compressors. All the lower-efficiency compressors are reciprocating air compressors, and these are being used in home construction. These types of compressors can be used for lubrication as well as smooth performance. 

Reciprocating air compressors are best for home and small-scale construction work. For example, 

5. Axial Compressors

Axial compressor

Do you ever wonder about the engines of ships and airplanes? Yes, these massive and strong engines also have compressors that are called axial compressors. 

An axial compressor is usually made to keep high-speed engines running because they can generate higher horsepower. In terms of pricing, these compressors are the most expensive compared with other types of compressors. 

6. Centrifugal Compressors

Centrifugal Compressors

Centrifugal compressors are the best for getting potential energy from other sources. Due to its multi-compressive processing, centrifugal air pressure can provide a large amount of potential energy through a small machine. 

It also has some more basic benefits than the rotary screw or reciprocating compressors, such as being an oil-free compressor, producing 1000 horsepower, and so on. Centrifugal compressors are often in high demand.

There are few centrifugal compressors available on the market. For examples

  • Atlas Copco oil free centrifugal compressor ZH355-900 with competitive price
  • AZBEL Oil-free centrifugal air compressor refrigerated compressed air dryer price

How To Choose Air Compressor

How To Choose Air Compressor

Since there are different advantages and disadvantages of an air compressor. So, before buying a compressor, you need to keep some criteria in mind so that the compressor does not become the reason for a disadvantage. An air compressor depends on the air volume and the pressure measurement. So, for choosing a compressor for your work, be sure about –

  • Firstly, focus on the capacity that gives maximum CFM at the highest PSI.
  • Lookup for a compressor that meets the criteria by adding a safety margin of 50% to the necessary CFM. 
  • Select a compressor that delivers at least 4.5 CFM at 90 PSI, for instance, if a tool needs 3 CFM at that pressure.

How to Take Care Of Your Air Compressor

How to Take Care Of Your Air Compressor

There are many types of air compressors, so you have to follow some basic steps to take care of our compressors. Whether it is a small compressor or a large or very powerful one, you have to maintain it very carefully. There are four essential steps that have been found to take care of air compressors. 

Step 1: Changing Oil

Changing Oil

If your compressor is oil-injected, then check and look into your oil- valve. And you might need to add extra oil depending on your system’s fill valve. In this case, first, let the oil leave off, then add more. Pay attention and ensure that the compressor receives the appropriate volume of oil. 

Step 2: Changing the Air Filter

Changing the Air Filter

Every air compressor needs to change its air filter. Because of dust, the air filter can be blocked, and you need to change it as soon as possible. You can remove your air filter by pinching it with your fingers or removing the screw (s). It depends on the variety of the compressor. 

Step 3: Replacing a Worn Compressor Belt

Replacing a Worn Compressor Belt

As the filter of your air compressor, sometimes you need to change the compressor belt too. The process of removing and replacing is the same as the filter. 

But, in order to get rid of the worn-out and damaged belt, grab it firmly and pull it over the system’s main pulley wheel. As you do this, twist the pulleys, and the belt should come out. 

Step 4: Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance

Do not rush on changing or replacing the kinds of stuff off your compressors because sometimes it can be the cause of damage. So remember, These changes can extend the life of your tools by a few years and only take a half-hour of your time. Don’t be stupid or lazy and think your machines will work fine if you don’t maintain them.


What is the main purpose of the air compressor?

The purpose of an air compressor is to compress the gas at the required pressure. So that it can use for various applications like blasting, pneumatic uses, transportation, etc.

What should I look for when buying an air compressor?

The are so many things you should consider while purchasing an air compressor. Including

  • Flow rates
  • Air quality
  • Duty cycle 
  • Power 
  • Pressure
  • Space
  • Budget

Which type of air compressor is best?

A rotary compressor is more efficient than a reciprocating compressor. It can lower the carbon footprint of your cooling system. Also, rotary compressors operate much more quietly than reciprocating compressors. And it comes in a smaller size, giving you more placement choices.

Does the size of the air compressor matter?

Yes, if you want to buy a smaller air compressor, you can use it for light work at home and office. On the other hand, a large machine will provide you with a powerful and high-quality job.

Is it worth buying an air compressor?

An air compressor is a must-have tool for home or office use. This machine is more versatile and cost-effective than other air pumpers or chip tools. Therefore buying an air compressor will be a worthy decision. 

Do air compressors get heavier when full?

Yes, it depends on the capacity of the tank of an air compressor. There are few tanks that can contain more than 10,000 gallons that are heavier than 100 gallons of the tank. 

Is higher PSI better for air compressors?

Before buying an air compressor, you must focus on your device’s PSI. It can be a waste of money if you buy a lower PSI air compressor for heavy work.

Do air compressors use a lot of electricity?

No, the air compressor does not use lof of electricity. But irregular maintenance can result in an air compressor using a lot of electricity. 

What is the most common cause of compressor failure?

Air compressors can malfunction because of overheating, a lack of lubrication, high electricity, and weak airflow in the compressor. 

What does an air compressor cost?

The price of an air compressor starts from $100 and $1,200. And you can choose the best match depending on your demands.

Why should I buy a compressor?

Purchase air compressors to make life much easier; they are cost-effective, environment-friendly, and zero-risk for human health. 


Every machine has benefits and drawbacks. And the air compressor also comes with a lot of advantages but fewer disadvantages. Besides, an air compressor makes human life effortless in terms of blowing and pressuring anything. So, for me, an air compressor is a marvelous tool since I got to buy one.

Therefore, after reading this article, you must now be able to select the best item which matches your needs and will offer efficient work.

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