Makita MAC2400 is considered one of the best industrial-grade compact air compressors for construction. The machine’s robust operating system and high CFM rating allow it to compress a significant air volume, making it suitable for various tasks. Here is the Makita Mac2400 Review in depth.

Moreover, it has a roll-cage frame that safeguards internal components while operating in any challenging Jobsite environment.

In this guide, I’ll take a deeper look at Makita MAC2400 so that you can decide whether it is an ideal choice or not. So, let’s begin-

Why is the Makita MAC2400 So Popular?

  • Makita MAC2400 has a Big Bore Engineered pump that compresses large volumes of air with minimal piston strokes. Thus, it holds the efficiency of the air compressor without overheating it.
  • The industrial-grade filter of Makita MAC2400 maximizes air intake capacity and purifies the air that enters the compressor pump.
  • It has an oil-lubricated unit that reduces the piston’s friction and makes it run more smoothly, preventing overheating.
  • The roll-cage construction of the air compressor protects itself from unexpected damage due to sudden dropdown.

Therefore, the features mentioned above make the Makita MAC2400 so popular. However, read further to know more about this air compressor.

Pros  Cons
  • Powerful motor with a high CFM rating
  • Equipped with an industrial-grade air filter
  • Oil-lubricated system for smooth performance
  • Durable cast iron cylinder that prevents overheating
  • Features thermal overload protector and oil sight glasses
  • Roll-cage construction protects the machine from an extreme Jobsite environment
  • Lower noise level and vibration
  • A little heavy to carry
  • Not compatible with many external kits

Key Features And Benefits of Makita MAC2400

Makita MAC2400 has a strong motor and a large bore pump, which efficiently compresses a large volume of air in its tank. Besides these primary functions, many more worth-mentioning features have made MAC2400 an excellent air compressor.

Now, let us look at these fantastic features (Makita Mac2400 Review)of this air compressor and their benefits-

High-Efficient Motor

The effectiveness of an air compressor highly depends on its motor power. The higher the motor’s power, the better the performance.

Makita MAC2400 is a high-efficient air compressor with a powerful motor of 2.5 HP. Additionally, this motor incorporates a 4-pole that reduces the torque ripple so that the motor can run smoothly.

What is more impressive about the motor of Makita MAC2400 is its low Rotation Per Minute (1720 RPM). This minimized RPM of the engine produces less heat while operating and protects the air compressor from any risk of burning.

Furthermore, Makita Mac2400 has a high voltage motor (115 V) and lower amperage draw (12.3 amps). The higher voltage reduces energy loss and overheating of the compressor allowing better power retention in the system. At the same time, the lower amperage draw reduces incidences of tripped breakers at start-up. 

Big Bore Engineered Pump

The Big Bore Engineered pump is one of the worth-mentioning features of Makita MAC2400. However, if you want to understand the mechanism of an air compressor pump, you need to know about two terms- piston and bore. 

The piston is the sliding piece inside the air compressor that, by strokes, compresses the air. And bore is the diameter or the inner space of the cylinder. The larger the bore and piston, the better its air compression capability.

Furthermore, the required number of strokes of the piston is inversely proportional to the width of the cylinder. Therefore, the wider the cylinder is, the fewer required strokes. 

Cheaper air compressors have a narrow pump and smaller pistons, which causes the pump to overheat and have more strokes per minute. As a result, the efficiency of the air compressor is hampered due to overheating.

However, the Makita MAC2400 has a long piston and wide bore that compresses large volumes of air with minimal strokes. Moreover, these lower stroke frequencies of the piston protect the compressor from getting overheated and thus reduce the risk of a fire breakout.


Makita MAC2400 is excellent in its performance and is perfect for professional woodworkers. However, if you want to know the efficiency or how great this air compressor performs, look at the below points-  

  1. Cubic Feet Per Meter (CFM): The volume of the produced air by a compressor is rated in Cubic Feet Per Meter or CFM. This CFM is calculated based on the size and speed of the compressor pump.

 However, Makita MAC2400 has a twin-stacked tank, one with 4.8 CMF and the other with 4.2 CMF, which is ideal for an air compressor to run most tools.

  1. Air Pressure (PSI): The air pressure of any air compressor is one of the most important factors to consider. It is usually rated in Pound Per Square Inch (PSI). However, an air compressor needs 90 PSI of air pressure to function effectively. 

The Makita MAC2400’s twin-stacked tank can withstand an operating pressure of 130 PSI and deliver 40 PSI (4.8 CFM) and 90 PSI (4.2 CFM), sufficient for two nailers.

  1. Size of the Compressor Tank: The air compressing capability of a compressor highly depends on the size of the compressing tank. The larger the tank’s volume is, the more air it can compress.

Makita MAC2400 has a tank size of 4.2 Gallons, which is good enough to increase productivity and faster recovery.

Therefore, Makita MAC2400 produces a maximum of 4.8 CFM at 40 PSI and 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI in its 4.2-gallon tank that compresses the air ensuring better performance.

Oil-Lubricated Unit

Regarding the air compressor’s fuel, professionals always prefer an oil-lubricated unit. However, as the sliding piston of the air compressor continuously goes through friction, it gets overheated. Due to this, the smoothness of the piston sliding is hampered and causes loud noise. 

However, the Makita MAC2400’s oil-filled pump reduces the piston’s friction and makes it run more smoothly, preventing overheating. Thus it cools the running pump minimizing wear.

Lower Noise Level

The noise produced by Makita MAC2400 might not be the quietest air compressor, but its 79dB is still quieter than any of the competing air compressors.

Moreover, the rubber feet of the MAC2400 reduce the vibration, which minimizes the noise level. Due to the minimal sound produced, this air compressor is suitable to use in homes, garages, basements, or workshops.

Versatile Design & Dimension

The design Makita MAC2400 is engineered for a range of applications. It is perfect for use on any challenging worksite. Starting at home, you can use it in the garage, basements, woodworking shops, or even in construction zones.

However, considering the dimensions, the Makita MAC2400 is very portable. It weighs 80.8 pounds and has a dimension of ‎20 x 18 x 18.75 inches. Moreover, the soft rubber handle of the air compressor supports an easy grip to carry and relocate the machine.


Additional Features of Makita MAC2400

In addition to the primary functions, Makita MAC2400 has some extra features that distinguish it from its competitors. Now, let’s check those features-

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

Unlike the plane tube transferer used in cheap air compressors, the Makita MAC2400 is installed with a copper alloy finned tube transferer. 

When air is being transferred from the pump to the air tank, this alloy-finned tube of MAC2400 minimizes heat production and provides as much cool air as possible. As a result, it maintains the compressor’s temperature at a low level and keeps it from overheating.

Twin-Stacked Tank

A twin-stack air compressor means it has two air tanks to compress the air. This type of air compressor is always preferred over the single-stack as it can store more air and doesn’t have to run as often. 

However, the twin-stacked tank of Makita MAC2400 works perfectly, sustaining a maximum pressure of 130 PSI. Furthermore, one of the tanks delivers 4.8 CFM at 40 PSI and the other 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI which is perfect for the air compressor.

Roll-Cage Construction

A sturdy roll-cage frame protects the pump, motor, and other vital parts of the Makita MAC2400. In addition, such air compressor construction protects itself from extreme Jobsite environments.  

Therefore, you need not worry about unexpected damage to the machine due to sudden dropdown.

Durable Cast Iron Cylinder

The Cast iron cylinder and piston of the Makita MAC2400 help faster recovery time for better performance. However, the oil-lubricated unit and the cylinder and piston’s iron surface keep the pump cool and durable. 

Moreover, the cast iron construction reduces wear and increases the pump’s lifetime. It maintains its durability even in challenging job site circumstances.

Convenient Oil Drain & Monetization

The Makita MAC2400 incorporates a lubricant level sight glass that allows you to monetize the air compressor’s oil level and change the oil accordingly. This oil typically needs to be changed every three months or after 300 operating hours, whichever comes first.  

Additionally, the MAC2400’s oil-change process is incredibly convenient. By following these three easy procedures, you can change the oil on your own with ease: 

  1. Take off the oil drain plug & allow the oil to drain completely.
  2. Replace the oil drain plug using Teflon tape or a sealing compound to prevent leaks.
  3. Refill to the proper level with the recommended oil.

However, you may observe how the oil’s color changes over time to determine when to change the oil. Therefore, change the oil in your machine when required to avoid too much black deposition.

Air Pressure Controller

To regulate the internal pressure of the air cylinder, the Makita MAC2400 incorporates two pressure monitoring barometers. 

You can control the air pressure of the air tank with the regulator knob. To increase the air pressure, you need to turn the knob clockwise; an anti-clock turning will decrease the air pressure.  

Thus, you can control and adjust the compressor’s air pressure according to your working demand.

Industrial Grade Air Filter

A large automotive-style filter of industrial grade is provided with the Makita MAC2400 to maximize air intake capacity and efficiency. This filter’s purpose is to purify the air that enters the compressor pump. 

However, the air compressor must be placed in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated area as obstacles in the way of the filter could restrict the air delivery. So, to avoid such a situation, locate the air compressor at least 12 inches away from any walls or other objects. 

Furthermore, constantly check the air filter and replace it as necessary to improve performance.

Thermal Overload Protector

The electric motor of the Makita MAC2400 has a manual thermal overload protector. This thermal overload guard automatically turns the engine off when it becomes too hot.  

However, fires might start to spread if you restart the overloaded motor right away. So, let the motor cool down first before pressing the reset button to avoid any burning risk. 

Thus, the thermal overload protector is a crucial feature of MAC2400 that checks the current flow of the motor and prevents it from burning.

Less Vibration

The air compressors have powerful motors that create high vibration while operating. To minimize these vibrations, Makita MAC2400 is designed with four big round rubber feet that hold the machine firmly on the ground. 

The rubber feet of the air compressor not only reduces the machine’s vibration but also help to lessen the noise level. 

Included Components with Makita MAC2400

The Makita MAC2400 comes with an Air Compressor Oil (181122-A), two 1/4″ Universal Quick Coupler, Male (447013-E) in the packaging. 

The Makita Air Compressor Oil (181122-A) is constructed of high-grade chemical components for maximum performance. Moreover, it is suitable for most air compressors with an oil lubrication system. 

The supplied 1/4-inch universal fast coupler, however, is made to function with various interchanges that take a variety of nipple styles, such as industrial, Tru-Flate, and ARO.


Each Makita tool is warranted to be free from any manufacturer defect. They further provide you a 30 days refund or replacement policy in case you are unsatisfied with their tools after purchasing. 

Moreover, if you face any issues with your air compressor, there is nothing to worry about, as Makita MAC2400 comes with a parts & labor warranty of one year. So, if you experience any issues while using your equipment during this time, you can return the entire instrument or have freight prepaid. 

However, the manufacturer’s warranty may not be applicable for all cases depending on factors like the product’s use or from where you purchased the product. Therefore, before purchasing your tool, clear the warranty issues with the seller and ensure the product’s authenticity.

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Packaging Dimensions


Some User Experience With Makita MAC2400

Comparison with Competitors: Makita MAC2400

Specification  Makita MAC2400 California Air Tools 2010A  DEWALT DWFP55130
Motor Horsepower 2.5 HP

1 HP (running),

2 HP (peak)

1.10 HP
Voltage 120 Volt 110 Volt 120 Volt
Tank Capacity 4.2 Gallons 2 Gallons 2.5 Gallons
Air Flow Capacity 4.8 CFM 3.10 CFM 3 CFM
Power Source Corded Electric Corded Electric Corded Electric
Tank Material Durable Cast Iron Aluminum  Steel
Weight 80.8 pounds 35.3 pounds 40 Pounds
Noise Level 79 dB 60 dB 71.5 dB
Oil-filled Pump Yes  No  No 
Color Factory Silver Yellow/Black
Warranty 1-Year  1-Year  1-Year

Will Purchasing Makita MAC2400 be a Wise Decision?

Makita MAC2400 is a great air compressor in almost all possible ways. It has a powerful motor with high air pressure and a CFM rating. In addition, the durable cast iron tank and oil-lubricated system of MAC2400 prevent the air compressor from overheating. 

Besides these features, it also has a thermal overload protector, oil sight glass, roll-cage protector frame, industrial-grade filter, and many more.  

Therefore, there is no doubt that purchasing a Makita MAC2400 will be an outstanding decision due to its high performance and versatile design.  

However, considering the lightweight design and lower noise level, you can also go for California Air Tools 2010A or DEWALT DWFP55130 as per your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Makita MAC2400 

What is the tank capacity of Makita MAC2400?

The Makita MAC2400 is an excellent air compressor with a 4.2-gallon twin stack tank. In this tank, a large volume of air is compressed by the piston strokes inside the compressor. Additionally, this tank’s sturdy cast iron construction prevents the compressor from overheating. 

How do you adjust the air pressure on a Makita MAC2400?

You can adjust the air pressure inside the tank of Makita MAC2400 with the regulator knob. Two barometers are fitted inside the air compressor tanks with which you can monetize the air pressure. 

To increase the tank’s air pressure, rotate the regulator knob clockwise; to decrease the pressure, rotate it anti-clockwise. Thus, you can adjust the compressor’s air pressure according to your demand. 

What is the duty cycle for Makita MAC2400?

The MAC2400 has a motor capacity of 2.5 HP and a 50% duty cycle. This feature makes it suitable for homeowners and enthusiasts who occasionally use power tools for DIY and hobby tasks. 

In addition, the motor supplies a good deal of airflow at high pressures, which is enough for these requirements. 

How often should the oil of Makita MAC2400 be changed?

You are advised to change the oil of Makita MAC2400 every 300 service hours or three months, whichever comes first. 

You can monetize the compressor’s oil level from the oil insight glasses. Observe the color of the oil changed over time and replace it before it starts too much of black depositions.  

Which oil should be used in Makita MAC2400?

You should use a P68 oil in Makita MAC2400 to deliver the highest performance lubrication for high-pressure compressors. 

However, Makita MAC2400 includes an  Air Compressor Oil (181122-A) P68 with the packaging. But if the machine runs out of oil or requires an oil change, you can purchase it from amazon or any local shop.

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