What causes you to replace your compressor tanks is when it fails to operate. Sometimes your compressor will appear with a pinhole leak, and that’s a sign that it should be replaced. A typical scenario is an explosion of the tank due to vessel rupture under high pressure. So, caution is a must for your safety. You will get a complete guide for replacement air compressor tanks

What’s wrong?

The most common problems that I have troubleshot and can be remedied are:

No electrical power
Check the breakers and power buttons as well. Sometimes I have to activate the reset switch.

Oil deficiency
The empty oil tank is another well-known reason.

Unevenness of pressure
The tank pressure shouldn’t be too low comparing to cut-in weight. Otherwise, you have to replace the pressure switch for the one having reduced cut-in.

The disconnection between the power switch and inner circuitry
It causes failure to power on the compressor. Check the pressure adjustment switch.

Excessive noise in the compressor is one of the significant problems that takes occurs due to the following issues-

  • If the pulley, belt guard, belt, flywheel, clamps, cooler, or any other accessories are loose. The solution is to tighten the loose ends.
  • If there is oil insufficiency in the crankcase, then the solution is to check the damage in the bearings. What I used to do is replenishing the level of the liquid.
  • If the piston hit the valve plate, when I faced problem, I was so confused and thought that the compressor is damaged. Then my father did was- he removed the head of the compressor cylinder, checked if there any foreign material on the piston top, and reassemble the head by adding a new gasket.
  • You have to tighten your air compressor bolts when you see that the compressor floor mounting is loose. I will suggest replacing the vibration pads.
  • If the crankcase is defective, well, in that case, you have to repair to replace it.

Other than these problems there are many more problems that will either cause you replacement air compressor tanks or the parts of a compressor. Sometimes a repair is ok.

If knock occurs at the time of loading the compressor-

Then the problem is either in the connecting rod bearings or wrist pins, wrist pins bearing.

The solution is to replace the rod, piston assembly. The problem can also be that the connecting rod nut is loose. Then you have to tighten it.

Presence of milky oil in the oil reservoir-

It occurs when water enters the oil reservoir as the compressor operates in high humidity.

You have to set a system of air intake through the pipe so that you can reduce humid air. Another remedy is servicing. Like- changing oil, replacing air cleaner parts every 45 days or after using it for 500 hours for oil changes. Personal care, like- draining the tank daily, will play a beneficial role in maintaining the compressor.

Consumption of excessive oil-

It happens when a reduced amount of air intake occurs, oil leakage, the piston ring is worn, oil viscosity is wrong, compressor tilted, scored cylinder.

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The solution to above troubles is replacing the air filter, tightening the bolts or replace the gasket, replacing rings, maintaining proper oil viscosity, levelling the compressor and replacing cylinder respectively.

The vibration of the compressor-

It occurs due to bent crankshaft where you have to replace the crankshaft. Sometimes you have to give a check that the flywheel and pulley are aligned or not.

When air is blowing out of inlet-

In this case, the inlet valve of the first stage is broken, and you have to replace it.

Less pressure at using point-

All you have to do is repair the leakage which causes this problem, tightens the slipping belts.

If the receiver doesn’t grasp pressure at the time of unloading the compressor-

It means the machine is faulty, and the valve should be checked. Replace faulty parts.

Excess belt wear-

It occurs when the pulley is out of alignment. Realign the lift with the flywheel of the compressor. Adjust the tension if the belts are too much tight or loose. If there is a nick in the belt groove of the wheel or the pulley, then the solution is file smoothing.

Fuses blow at a repeating rate-

It occurs if and only the fuse size is wrong. Check the size of the fuse along with its proper speed of ampere.

Shut down of compressor all on a sudden-

Absence of electricity, defective unloader or disconnection of pressure switch are the reasons behind this problem. In case of interruption of the pressure switch problem or broken unloader problem, you can either replace or repair them.

One of my personally faced problems was my compressor used to shut down after starting for a while. Later I find out the problem. Once your compressor reaches PSI capability of the tank, the tank becomes full and shuts off.

Before choosing a compressor-

The things you should obey before choosing a compressor-

  1. Know the basics of a compressor.
  2. Know the types and uses.

There are two types of compressor known as rotary screw and reciprocating.

  1. Check the horsepower (HP). A typical range is 1.5 to 6.5 HP.
  2. Check the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM).
  3. Check the space along with portability.
  4. Consider the power source.
  5. Consider the compressor size according to your need.

As the size of the compressor, I use for blowing out water lines to winterize my house is 10 gallon. Again for 1.5 litres of the tank a compressor of five ozone style along with 3x insulation is needed. And it should also have a large exit tube.


  1. Maintain the pressure gauge as tanks explode due to overfilling.
  2. Instead of repairing, replacement is recommended if there is any crack on the machine.
  3. Don’t use the tank to hold anything. It should only keep air. Otherwise, it can be damaged.
  4. Please don’t place the air compressor in such a place from where it can fall.
  5. Air tools are dangerous. So, for your safety, you have to read all the manuals and understand them.

So, I hope this article about replacement air compressor tanks has helped you out with your confusions. Please let us know if you have any query.

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